Welcome to the Jamestown (NY) Branch of AAUW!

Girls flocked to Jamestown Community College on Saturday for the annual “Get In The Game” event hosted by the American Association of University Women where they participated in a variety of sports such as basketball, rugby and soccer. Pictured here, the young ladies were part of a group dance competition in the middle of the gym. P-J photo by Katrina Fuller

From self-defense classes and rugby to kayaking in the pool, area girls dove headfirst into sports on Saturday, thanks to the American Association of University Women.

Held at Jamestown Community College’s physical education complex, the annual “Get in the Game” day offered area girls the chance to explore a variety of sports in a comfortable environment. Serving as an event to empower young girls and get them involved in sports, the event also encourages teamwork and togetherness. This is the event’s 18th year, and organizers said it is still going strong.

Christina Marsh, AAUW Jamestown president, said the event has been a great success over the years.

“It has been going on for a long time,” Marsh said. “The idea is to get (the girls) to try sports they might not normally try. It gives girls confidence at a time when maybe they don’t have as much confidence.”

She said it is an important event that brings the girls together to try non-traditional and traditional sports together. The day includes fourth- through seventh-graders.

“I’m pretty proud of this,” Marsh said. “The girls love it.”

The sports featured for the event this year include: kayaking, rugby, soccer, Zumba, Pound, self-defense, track and basketball. The Jamestown Jackals basketball team members were also a part of the event, and offered to autograph the T-shirts for the participants.

In the middle of the day, the girls took some time to host a group dance competition after lunch. Afterward, they broke into groups to explore the world of sports once again.

Wendy Present, event co-chair, said there were 120 participants in the event from across the area. The special sports-centered day is held as a local celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Present said Rae Lynn DeAngelo, event co-chair, played a large role in the events’ success due to her coordinating efforts.